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Physical appearance is an important aspect that defines us. With modernization and changing lifestyles self-improvement has become a necessity. Cosmetic surgery beautifies the appearance. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is quite popular as many are opting for it. The process not only helps you look better but also feel better. The surgery corrects the deformity of the part of the body. Cosmetic surgery remodels your tissue, enhancee physical beauty and increase confidence. This creates positive body image leading to a better quality of life.

Cosmetic correction of nose means correction of length, depressed bridge and tip base. All the defects can be corrected by cosmetic rhinoplasty. Depressed bridge of nose is corrected by cartilage taken from nasal septum.Though nowadays custom made silicone implants of different shape are used.Correction of wide nasal tip is called "Tip Plasty" done by suturing cartilages together. Short nose or long nose can be corrected by "Nose Surgery Kolkata".

Cosmetic treatments involve advance and intricate procedures. Dr. Arindam Sarkar well known Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon pioneer in the field. He is trained in all aspects of aesthetic surgery.

We offer aesthetic cosmetic surgery solutions

Get personalised treatment according to your choice and achieve best results. However, Nose surgery cost in Kolkata varies according to the deformity. We encourage you to contact us for detailed evaluation.

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Nasal Tip Correction

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