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In Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre, Abdominoplasty is done to regain heal tummy.

This procesure is popularly known as Tummy Tuck. Excess fat and sagging skin of abdomen is removed and younger look is regained by abdominoplasty / tummy tuk.

Loose abdominal skin is managed by liposuction followed by surgical excision of excess sagging skin, which restores scaphoid look of the abdomen with vertical or linear umbilicus. It gives a linear scar line at the bottom of stomach which is well hidden under the garments. Abdominoplasty is done under general anaesthesia and patient is discharged on the next day (in case of mini abdominoplasty) or after two days in "abdominoplasty" with "lipectomy". Patient is advised to wear a pressure garment over tummy for 6 weeks which is well hidden under normal garments.

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Abdominoplasty in Kolkata